Online Videos

Please feel free to join in and follow our FREE  online videos to keep you all dancing whilst staying at home! 

Suitable for both Adults and Children. 


Dance fitness

Below are some of our dance fitness routines and stretches for you all to follow from home. These dances are suitable for the whole family. 

'Bring the Beat'

A warm up we use in both our Dance Fitness classes and Kids Saturday class!

'La Bamba'
NEW Salsa based Routine!!!

'Leg and Waist Workout' 

Our Monday and Wednesday class favourite!

'Rueda Rueda'

'Reggaeton Lento'

Salsa Dance Fitness routine! 

'Better When I'm Dancing' 

Jive Dance Fitness routine! 

'This is me' Dance Stretches!


Kids Zumba

Below are some of our  Kids Zumba routines for everyone to join in with from home.
These routines are from classes we teach in Pre Schools and Primary Schools in the local area. 

'IKO IKO" - A fun Samba Rouitne

If you don't have Maracas and would like to use something  you can always make some with empty bottles with stones/pebbles or beads in. 

A fun activity to go along with the dance routine. 

'Moana' - One of our kids favourites to sing along too!  

'Shake It Up' 

'Hula Hoop' 

- No hula hoop needed for this dance however you can if you want to.